Mojo and Mia Mixed Martial Arts Main Event
(or Kitty Kicking Karate Kats )

-by Mark Pennington

  In what has become a daily Main Event, we introduce the world... umm .... the family famous Feline Mixed Martial Arts. A full contact event sponsored by Tidy Cats Litter and Soft Paws.


Ladies and Gentleman, in the right cat tree corner, weighing in at around 5 lbs, wearing the brown spotted trunks, with a record of 0-lots, is "The Furminator" - MOJO WORKING.  


  And in the left corner, weighing in at a svelt 3 lbs, wearing the ...ummm ok not wearing ANY trunks, currently undefeated, the world... ok... the family champion, it is the Bald Badass herself, the Hairless wonder of the world (dangit.. ok ..the family -sheesh) "The Bare Knuckle Brawler" - MODEST MIA


LETS GET IT ON! - DING!- Round 1

Shocking everyone Mia opens with a taunt of her opponent by merely sniffing his paw. With a flick of her tail, Mia leaves her worthy foe standing against the sisal rope stunned.



  Again with a flagrant teasing taunt to her furry foe, she growls to him and shows him where his corner was and in an effort to completely humiliate Mojo, she tells him to "Sit, Stay!"


Being talked down to like a dog doesnt sit well with the challenger and he strikes out with a jab landing a solid blow to Mia's abdomen, the crowd roars its approval and Mia hisses for their silence.  


  In sudden retaliation, Mia delivers a patented "Chuck Norris" spinning back kick. The startled Mojo is stunned and quickly drops to the carpet.


This gives Mia the perfect opening for her world famous (sigh ok, ok, ok) FAMILY famous, ear bite choke hold submission move.  


  In a rare photo, Mia is captured here after the Main Event with her favorite Feline Mixed Martial Arts groupie, Chloe.

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