The Bengal Ice Capades

-by Mark Pennington

Ok, so I really did think I had seen it all. Bengals are an endless source of entertainment and often frustration. There is an endless library of cat stories that we have to draw upon. I have seen cats that unplug everything, ones who can and will disassemble a sink or water fountain.

The SkipperI have two cats that I placed as kittens who operate as a team to open round knobbed doors, one pushes on door while other leaps up and turns the knob. Many stories related to water such as the two cats we have placed that are canoe and kayaking cats. I, like many other Bengal owners, have the Bengal 500 daily crash through our home. I have kittens that even though they look so dang sweet and innocent, can completely destroy lamps, end tables, find themselves butt up inside a glass of ice tea. I have seen them disprove gravity, and simultaneously prove one of my universal truths: All kittens are cute.

Lately, however, I have been observing an entirely new trait that shows the lengths they will go to in order to entertain themselves. Recently on Bengals-L a poll was put up asking what their cats favorite toy was. I just found out my cats secret toy. I spent months wondering how come there was so much water on my kitchen floor. Now I was guessing it was my cat named Pulp Fiction (we call her Fergie, but we don’t know why). See, Fergie loves the kitchen sink, not a delicate flower she frantically plays in the sink. It doesn’t matter if it is full of water neck deep, or if hot water is running full force. She dives in and dances around like a stereotypical punk dancing in a mosh pit. So we assumed the water all over our floors was just Fergie sink diving. As happens most times when I think I know what is happening with my Bengal crew, I was wrong. It was our mistake, of course. We used the machine, we allowed them to spill and not pick things up quickly enough. We didn’t distract the cats, laughed a little when they chased one around the floor. Thought it was cute. Sigh. I would claim ignorance, but even though I qualify for that diagnosis, I thought I knew what motivates Bengals. I believed it was food or perhaps the joy of shredding my legs trying to get to the food. I never guessed it was something so simple....

Mystre Bengals Ice Capades   I never would have thought the cat would figure out where the ice came from and would go after it when we would not drop enough of it on a frequent enough basis.



"I know this works when you press this lever riiiiiight.... here"   Fergie style Ice Fishin'



Who needs opposable thumbs?   " Might not have opposable thumbs, but this muzzle is built for improvosation"












"Way to go Fergie, 'Team Bengal' ... Booyah!"   How do you spell friend?



Its a party, who brought the catnip?   "There is more where that came from girls. I have about figured out how to drop it directly into the water dish."




"I got you girls yours, this one is allll mine. You ain't seen hockey till you seen cat hockey. SCORE!"   mine, mine, mine



  And now we know why my kitchen floor is full of poodles.



Disguised as cute, here are two of the Ice Capades culprits acting very innocent.   Me and the trouble disguised as cute


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