High Jump Hijinx

-By Mark Pennington


I am currently watching a very bitter Bengal. She has wonderful wild eyes that are staring right at my jugular. She will stare at me with those angry eyes for a while then will leap and spin and flip flop and fly all at the same time. I am not quite sure how a feline can contort to that many shapes in that short of a period of time... and in mid air to boot.

There have been a few fast passes through my lap and over my arms with claws fully extended and grabbing flesh traction. As she fly's past me, there is the briefest of moments when she pauses to look at me, an expression of resentment as of yet unseen before. Then a flash of spots that seem to spell impending doom for the one who inflicted this current condition that must be endured by the ALC wannabe. Then there are moments writhing on the floor, with flashing fangs slashing at nylon then another flash bounding off any and all things vertical and horizontal.

What torture has been piled on this helpless bundle of fuzzy wonder? One small unobtrusive harness. Geeez

I guess I should have began this with the following, just to be safe....

I, Mark Pennington, being of sound mind and body.....................



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