Dreamy's Ride

-By Mark Pennington

So there I was, calmly stretched out in a lingering sunbeam by the back door when it came to me rather suddenly. I leaped straight up in the air and saw the object of my instant obsession way down below. I had time to adjust the air flow over my tail, now enlarged to resemble a large bottle brush, and aim myself properly to land squarely on the back of my huge adopted sister Pebbles. Now when I say huge and I am not trying to be mean, she is indeed not just "big boned" or "calorically challenged" she is just plain fat. But soft. At least when falling from an amazing altitude for a kitten. The landing was heard throughout the house, well not the landing so much as chunkybutts verbal response. I suppose she was not expecting me to be attached to her back. Well, as we live in Texas, I thought the new sport of cat rodeo was appropriate. I know that, for me a least, the afternoon was not near as boring as it was a moment ago.

The 3 second ride didn't win me the belt buckle, but it did begin a very invigorating chase scene that deserved to be on the new show "Next Action Star". The trip through the kitchen on those rather slipperyfloors was lots of fun. If you ever get to see a beach ball covered in fur roll through a room you would understand my total joy at this moment. The fuzzy butterball can't hope to catch me so I had lots of time to slow down and watch the fur fly as she slamed into cabinets and doors. I ran back past the Richard Simmons reject "clickity clickity clickity click" (that is a hint to my two foot to please "try" to clip these darn toenails) and found that she lost interest as she stopped at the food dish. She normally has to rest many times on her way to the feedbag, but her momentary lapse in mental acuity found her right in front of her favorite place.

After several efforts to reinvigorate my new toy to no avail, I decided to go back to the last few minutes of sunlight. Just as I sprawled out in all my regal majesty, the two foot came in to see what all the ruckus was about. I just closed my eyes and giggled as he went to clean up the mess that big cat had made in the kitchen. He was sure talking to her about her behavior. Tsk Tsk ... that cat should be more careful.


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