Dreamy's Adventure

-by Mark Pennington

She came to us on June 12, 2004. We had been talking to the breeder for a while and we went to meet her at the cat show in Ft. Worth, Tx. We got to see many beautiful cats, but we had eyes only for one little girl, our Dreamy. She rode home pretty quietly with only a few little mews of discontent at having to be in yet another car on another strange journey. Homecoming was so scary, I imagine. On the way home in the car, when she was allowed out of the carrier she would hide her little head under an arm or hand. I guess she figured if she couldnt see us, we couldnt see her. The arrival at the house was yet more torment. After the 5 hour car ride she emerges into her new home, or in her mind a nightmare. The first thing she notices are the other three cats prowling around trying to get a look at this little intruder.

There is an all white tabby named Jazzy. Jazzy hates sharing attention with any other person much less another cat, but rather than being mean, she just isolates herself in silent protest of any new addition, and will remain aloof until she feels enough punishment has been doled out to the two foots.

Then there is our more "mature" cat, Pebbles (she is sensitive about her age and weight). She is a rather caloric challanged (shhhh... ummm "big boned") She pretty much doesnt care about anything but the food dishes. She is very vocal and loves to tell you about everything on her kitty mind, which, from what I can gather, is a great deal.

Then we have our Red Tipped Persian. Her name is Kisses. She was my christmas present a year ago, and tolerates me but adores my wife. I hope my wife enjoys my christmas present. Kisses is such a mama. She adores Dreamy and will follow her everywhere to make sure she is alright. Kisses loves to be carried around and will let you carry her everywhere, but if you sit down with her she suddenly realizes she is in a *gasp* two foots lap, and scurries away.

Back to Dreamy's arrival... when we got home she was a bit overwhelmed with all the new sights sounds and cats. Our house has a great deal of noise and racket. There are two teenaged boys still at home, and one in College at Dallas Baptist University. Anyway, she was put in our bedroom where it was .... relatively quiet. The first thing she did when let go, was to find a dark hiding place under the bed, she wasnt coming out until all the new things disappeared. That was final! Well, that was the beginning of a two week long process of getting her to feel comfortable. She was eventually lured out of the wasteland under our bed (no telling what all was under there) with baby food and boiled chicken and toys. Slowly we would play on the floor and have little snacks. She would run away for a while, then slowly come back out to play and eat. Over time she would let me pet her, and she would lay there and knead the air with her paws .... until she realized she was doing that, then would run away again, only to reappear to start over. I learned a lot from her about patience and love. I am sure the shock of dealing with so many new things in such a short period of time was very difficult for her to cope with.

She is now gaining more and more trust of the whole family, she loves to get "woosk" (water from the faucet in the sink) and will put her whole head under the water to gulp drinks. The time came when she came into the whole house and all went very well. The other cats had been allowed into the room where she was kept to smell her things and she was allowed to smell them. It was a very slow transfer and made the other cats a great deal more accepting of her and her of them.

Kisses and Dreamy run through the hall like a herd of buffalo. Kisses must be present for all play activity and is very sweet about taking turns with the toys and being so very gentle with her new sister.



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