Dreamy Drinks

-by Mark Pennington

Dreamy is still pretty small, she fits in many very small spaces. For example, much to my wifes great dismay, I accidentally sorta kinda taught Dreamy how to drink from a cup. Now she feels as if the only three places she will drink from are our drinking glasses, the sink or the bathtub faucet. Now the sink and bathtub are cute, she runs in there whenever she hears us go there and tells us in no uncertain terms to turn on the water for her. Anything "we" need to do in the bathroom must take place after she has had her fill, which is an amazing amount for any cat, btw.

But the glasses are another issue, I drink ice tea all day and night (Its a southern thing). I always have a glass of it and so does my wife. I have a rather large glass that I use and Dreamy found that she can fit quite snugly into it. If she spots it, and you are not there to hold it for her as she demands as she crawls inside, then she will do her little tea glass diving trick. "IF" the glass remains upright, which is seldom, you will see nothing but butt and tail sticking out and she is upside down in the glass. This of course causes her head to get dunked in the tea, causing a wild flailing of limbs to dislodge herself from the confines of the glass. She saunters back out of the glass, with a tea soaked head and a look that says " I told you to hold the damn glass, so now you can clean it up". My wife is not pleased with her new trick. Well, not pleased with ME for the new trick would be more accurate. Before Dreamy we were able to place glasses on almost any horizontal surface, now they are only safe if grasped firmly in your hand.

We bought her a Drinkwell water thingy because I thought she would love the little recirculating waterfall. She does like to watch it and swat at it. But for drinking the only things that will do are the bathroom sink, the bathtub and our glasses.

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