-by Mark Pennington

I brought in a cage similar to those used to stage the cats in at the cat shows to get my little Whisper Reign used to seeing them and being in one. She was very interested in the cage when I set it up. She was all in and around it and playing with her kitty sisters all around. Then, being the fearless monster she is, leaped up on top of it and was walking all around balancing between the wires. When one of her sisters scared her and she slipped off the side and got her hind leg caught in-between the wires and was hung upside down by her leg. I probably didn’t help matters as I leaped from my chair and was screaming like a scared lil girl in a horror flick. I ran to help her but she had already got free from the cage. She began limping REALLY bad. I was terrified she had broken her leg. I scooped her up and gently felt around and moved her leg and paw and she was tender but nothing appeared to be broken. I followed her around for hours and checked and rechecked her leg.

In retrospect there were some amusing things that happened. She is a play freak, of course, and even though she would lay down so she didn’t have to use the hurt leg, she would play with anything that moved beside her. She would scoot around the carpet to get to a toy in order to bat it around and take out, what I assume, were very angry emotion on the unsuspecting toy. She finally laid down at Bengal Extended Nap Time (BENT) and slept for a long time. Being the major worrywart that I am, I interrupted several times and was repeatedly told that I should Get BENT too. When she finally woke up she seemed fine and the limp was gone. Now of course the cage that sits there is given a pretty wide berth. I wonder how that will play at the upcoming show this next weekend *sigh*



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