(SBT 051301 010) Brown Spotted Tabby


RWDGC Brockenmoor Pacific Ocean (SBT 030800 005) Brown Spotted Tabby

CH Midas Touch of Brockenmoor
(SBT 031594 001) BST/White Tummy
CH Spotlight of Millwood
(SBT 120892 004) Brown Spotted Tabby
Millwood Jokers Wild
(C3T 030891 010)
Tabbatha Anne Tigger
(C0T 071491 016)
Millwood Gold Nugget
(C3T 052192 004) Brown Spotted Tabby
QGC Gogees Dynamo Glow
(SBT 010491 003)
Millwood Gold Medal
(B2T 052088 001)
CH Millwood Beverly of Brockenmoor (SBT 032799 034) BST Millwood Firelet Circle
(SBT 032697 009) Brown Spotted Tabby
Millwood Firefly
(SBT 041895 047)
DGC Millwood Inner Circle
(SBT 022293 002)
Millwood Candlelight
(SBT C3T 022596 029) BST/White Tummy
Belltown Flashback of Millwood (SBT 080892 015)
Millwood Razzmatazz
(B2T 022593 021)

CH Brockenmoor Sweet Little Sheela (SBT062100 001) Brown Spotted Tabby

RWDGC Millwood Baghira of Brockenmoor (SBT 020299 010) BST Oceanwood Italian Rococo of Millwood (SBT 030698 009) BST Jim Dandi of Millwood
(SBT 081796 020)
Millwood Willow
(SBT 011597 030)
Wildechos Wild Thing
(SBT 052294 011) Brown Spotted Tabby
Belltown Flashback of Millwood (SBT 080892 015)
Eldorado Nobell of Wildechos
(SBT 093092 018)
RWCH Millwood Circlet of Brockenmoor (SBT 090694 015) BST Belltown Flashback of Millwood (SBT 080892 015) Brown Spotted Tabby SGC Huntersmoon Talisman (SBT 050791 005)
Belltown Apache Tear
(C0T 040691 020)
DGC Millwood Inner Circle
(SBT 022293 002) Brown Spotted Tabby
Millwood Jokers Wild
(C3T 030891 010)
Snowbear Cloud Nine of Millwood (C3T 062089 006)

Star is well rosetted with a clear and well contrasted coat along with a huge horizontal flowing paw print, half donut and donut rosettes on a feiry background coat. She has a soft short and silky coat that is loaded with glitter. SHe has an unsurpassed body type, long and heavy boned with a thick tail; large round stunning mint green eyes, tiny ears and puffy whisker pads. A very loving sweet disposition caps off a very special girl.

Brockenmoor Star of Azana


Sweet Sheela is the pride and joy of Brockenmoor and her offspring are grand! Her huge rosettes are three colored and she has wonderful sharp contrast. She has nice short, soft and very glittered fur and a great orange contrast to the rosettes. She is long bodied and has big whisker pads. Sheela is out of the Millwood Inner Circle Line. A very remarkable cat in a very remarkable line of cats.

Brokenmoor Sweet Little Sheela


RW DGC Millwood Baghira of Brockenmoor. 2000 Award- T.I.C.A. Best Brown Spotted Bengal Europe North, 2001 Award T.I.C.A. Second Best Brown Spotted Bengal Europe North. Baghira is a very strong male with a very large body and huge pancake rosettes. He has wonderful contrast on a deep orange ground color. He has small ears and great type. His pelt is very short with lots of glitter. Along with all of that is a wonderful temperment.

Millwood Baghira of Brokenmoor


RW CH Millwood Circlet of Brockenmoor 2000 Award- T.I.C.A. 3rd Best Bengal Europe North. Circlet is a wonderful sorell rosetted queen with brilliant gren eyes. Her short soft fur is very thick with lots of glitter. She has very small ears and a wonderful temperment.

Millwood Circlet of Brockenmoor


Midas Touch was the first very whited tummy fertile males in the Bengal Breed! (and at 6 years old is still bleach white.) He has famous sons and daughters all over the world. He sired the great Brockenmoor stud Pacific Ocean who is also in Dreamys line. Midas Touch has very small ears, very short fur and nice big eyes. He has a very strong large body and is a very successful stud for Bengals worldwide.

CH Millwood Midas Touch of Brockenmoor