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Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion
Mystre's Maggie May

(HCM Report)

(Photo by Helmi Flick)

Mystre Maggie May

Sire: RW QGC Junglekatz Idolwurthy of Mystre

Queen: Baako Sweet Melody of Mystre

HCM Screened

This home grown girl is the apple of her daddies eye. She was born being strikingly different from her littermates. Her coat and color stood out as unique and stunning. She has a very sweet, yet very curious personality. She runs to greet the world with careless abandon. She has acquired the dream tail from her father along with her outstanding head type. Her ears are nice, small and rounded and set very nicely on her head. Eyes that will stop you in your tracks as you try to figure out what grabbed you so suddenly when you looked at her. We were very lucky to have had RW QGC Idolwurthy of Mystre (Maverick) join us. His ability to stamp his stunning looks and temperament on his kittens is a wonderful blessing. We are really looking forward to this girls career with us here. She is a very sweet show girl too, her first shows showed evidence of her quality. First show as a kitten she had 9 finals awarded her out of 12 rings. In her second show at only 5 months old she had 4 finals including a Best Kitten awarded out of a class of 27 Bengal kittens including some striking large males. Third adult show she acheived her Double Grand Champion with 1 Best Kitten award and one 2nd Best in show. In her 4th adult show she made Quad Grand Champion with 6 finals and an All Breed Best Cat from Sue Becknell. In her 5th outing she attained the coveted Supreme Grand Champion with another Best Cat in show.

2010 Best Bengal Kitten at On Safari
#1 Best Bengal Kitten - Best of the Best Kitten Congress Bengal - Best of the Congresses Female Bengal Kitten
Breeder's Choice Award for Best Bengal Kitten - Breeder's Choice Award for Best Female Kitten
Breeder's Choice Award for Best Spotted Kitten
Maggie May was the #1 Female Bengal Kitten in the World in 2011
In 2011 Maggie May is awarded Best Bengal Kitten of the Year South Central, 8th Best Kitten of the Year South Central, Second Best Bengal Adult of the Year South Central (Our RW SGC Mojo Working was Best), Second Best Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal of the Year South Central, #6 Bengal Kitten Internationally

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Regional Winning Quad Grand Champion Spice Castanea de Geneve of Mystre

(Photo by Helmi Flick)

Sire:Spice Persil

Queen:TGC Spice Pimineta

HCM Screened
05-14-13 Negative

This is our first import. She comes to us from Boris Ehret of Spice Bengals in Switzerland. Boris was kind enough to fly in from Switzerland to bring her to us. She has unbelievable type. An amazing profile, flowing into a beautiful domed forhead with no break. Small rounded ears set perfectly on her head. Her eyes are wonderful almond shaped nocturnal and set just right on her head. A broad muzzle adds to her VERY wild look. She also has a fantasic flow to her pattern with beautiful rosetting. I cannot thank Boris (and Michelle) enough for allowing her to come live with us in our breeding program.

Her first show, just days after entering the country, she earned several finals including one Best Kitten. She is so sweet, readily giving headbutts and purring nonstop. We could not be more proud of her and look foward to her adult shows and eventually the beautiful babies she will produce for us. Thank you again Boris.

In 2012, Ginny was the 15th Best Shorthair Cat in South Central, 2012 Best Bengal Kitten in South Central, 2nd Best Bengal of the Year in South Central (2nd to our own RW SGC Kanpur Magic Man of Mystre), 2nd Best Brown Spotted Bengal of the Year in South Central.

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Anjali Minnie the Moocher of Mystre


(Photo by Helmi Flick)

Sire: Amantra Jacque Imo of Anjali

Queen: Darkmoon Instant Karma of Anjali


This is Minnie the Moocher. Minnie is an incredible mother. She is super sweet, loves to show off her babies and makes the most beautiful kittens. Her sweet temperament shines through each and every one of her babies. Minnie loves attention and is a joy to interact with. I cannot say enough about Dana Scott of Anjali Bengals for how she raised this baby girl. Everything Donna said she followed up on. I am very grateful to her for this beautiful girl with an outstanding temperament that makes magnificent babies.

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Champion Mystre Pure Imagination (Emi)


(Photo by Preston Smith)

Bengal Kittens in Houston

Sire: RW SGC Kanpur Magic Man of Mystre

Queen: RW QGC Spice Castanea de Geneve of Mystre


This is our sweet Pure Imagination, Emi for short. She is the sweetest temperamented cat you could ever ask for. She is very insistent about getting loving attention and will let nothing stand in the way of that. She is currently showing very well in our region and is always second behind our boy Mystre Maybe I'm Amazed. She is the very image of her father, our RW SGC Kanpur Magic Man of Mystre. And her mother is our amazing girl RW QGC Spice Castanea de Geneve of Mystre. This is a magnificent girl with great structure and her body type is just "wow". She has a great profile, small rounded ears and a strong and deep chin. I couldnt ask for a better girl to add to our breeding program here.

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Grand Champion Bengalislandcat Obsession of Mystre


(Photo by Helmi Flick)

Sire: Ch. Cazpurr Jazzman of Bengalislandcat

Queen: Ch. Bengalislandcat Belladonna


This is Obsession. Also known as Sissy, BumbleBee, Betty Boop, and Princess. She is a phenomenal gift from Donna Haynes in Virginia at BengalIslandCat. This precious thing came off the airplane purring and making biscuits. She is non stop play, interested in everything and doesnt know a stranger. The story behind this kitten is really something. I saw this kitten that Anthony Hutcherson bought on a whim and thought it was the best looking kitten I had seen all year. He went on to become a likely international winning kitten shown by Jan Harell. He is incredible. So I just had to have a girl from that line and was lucky enough to get the girl from the next breeding. I am very excited to see how she does in her show career. Hopefully she does half as well as her brother Oasis that is probably going to pull off an International Win.

I cannot thank Donna Haynes enough for this incredibly well socialized kitten. She was exactly as described to me in emails and photos. Donna is someone I will recommend very highly.

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Grand Champion Dazzledots Instant Karma of Mystre (HCM Report)

Dazzledots Instant Karma of Mystre Sire: Huntersridge Dice on Ice

Queen: AzanaBengals Heavenly Breeze

HCM Screened
05-14-13 Negative

Born 3-23-09 this girl came to us exactly as described. Healthy with a wonderful sweet temperament. She is everything we wanted and i want to thank Mara for her working with me and being very honest and helpful. We are very excited at what Karmy will bring to our program in the near future after she has some kitten play time here in our home. Normally we are raising kittens for others, this time we get to enjoy it for ourself for a while :) Update: Karmy has proven to be beyond intelligent with a spectacular temperament. She has been shown and finaled as a kitten and behaved perfectly at the show and the judges loved her. Continued her show career as an adult and has proven her temperament and qualtiy. We couldnt love her more.

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Urbansafari Idol Made of Mystre


(Photo by Helmi Flick)


Sire: RW QGC Junglekatz Idolwurthy of Mystre

Queen: Tribalbengals Made to Cascade


Maddie is my baby girl. She comes from my boy Maverick (Idolwurthy) who is now retired. She is the last kitten from this boy. He produced the best head type I have yet seen on bengals. Beautiful doming and incredibly wonderful head type. Maddie is so sweet, so interactive and so "Bengal". She is a real joy to have in our home and I coudn't ask for a better girl. She did incredible in the show world as a kitten, beating some of the best kittens in the world and attaining many "Best in Show" awards. She is small of stature but big in personality. Thank you Teresa Redding of Urbansafari for the breeding of Maverick to your girl Made to Cascade. What a great result. I cannot wait to see her babies.

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Retired Girls


UrbanSafari Aries Rising of Mystre

(Photo by Helmi Flick)

Sire: Azana Bengals Livinginthelimelight

Queen: Redearth Just My Style of Jujukat

Aries Rising comes to us from Teresa Redding of Urban Safari Bengals. Many breeders thank the person they got a kitten from, but to me, this was very special and Teresa showed amazing generosity, honesty and friendship unlike anything I have yet seen in the cat fancy. She set the example and set the bar very high. This kitten is not only beautiful but a wonderful example of the breed. And the temperament and socialization is very literally unsurpassed. I believed I had a socialization program that was pretty darn good. I was taught that I could do better still by the effort shown with this girl for us. I cannot thank her enough for Ari. This girl is an example that we should all strive for in appearance as well as temperament. She has a beautiful profile, a nice rounded head from her back skull doming all the way through to the profile. A nice wide muzzle, beautiful goggles around her very nice set eyes. A very light, near white belly. Small rounded ears and a nice thick tail. This girl came to us full of purr, head butting us and completely fearless and outgoing. I cant begin to share how difficult it will be to wait so we can see what she will bring to our breeding program. What a joy.

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Azana Whisper Reign of Mystre (Retired)

Azana Bengals Whisper Reign of Mystre

Sire:Medoz's Jungle Legend of Azana

Queen:Brockenmoor Star of Azana

Reigny is a long bodied girl who will give you goose bumps just watching her walk. She carries her very full tail low and produced the same in her small eared kittens. She has a strong chin and her kittens came out nicely contrasted with amazing temperaments. Reigny has now retired to her forever home and her new people adore her and she has taught them how to spoil her. We miss her very much and am so glad to know how happy she is now after she retired at 3 years old.


Champion Mystre's Pulp Fiction

(Photo by Helmi Flick)

Mystre Pulp Fiction Sire: RW SGC Drinkwater Derringer of Mystre

Queen: Mystre's Marie Lavoe

This home bred girl is incredible. We were very patient waiting for her to come along. Her temperament is unsurpassed. One of the sweetest cats we have ever seen of any breed. She has a wonderful profile, very strong chin, red nose leather, small rounded ears and a look that would melt anyone around her paw. I could not be more proud of what this girl produces for us. Fergies first kitten show she won 9 of 12 finals, and was 1st or 2nd in color in every ring. She was a show stealer for attention climbing poles and playing with anyone who would look at her for even a moment. She is everything anyone would want in a show cat. Her daddys temperament shows thru. This girl will produce some exceptional show cats very soon.

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Top O Texas Amber Dream of Mystre

Amber Dreams

Sire:Top O Texas Tuaca

Queen:Top O Texas Ujima

Dreamy is a very typey girl who produces outstanding kittens. Her kittens come with very strong chins and wonderful profiles along with small ears and a very nice tail. She is a very loving girl and a sensational mama. She loves to have anyone see her kittens and is obviously very proud of them. She has the nicest eye shape I have seen on a Bengal and huge full whisker pads. She might not be as flashy as some others, but when you see her or her kittens you can see how spectacularly wild she looks. She has the best head and tail you could hope for. We adore her and what she has brought to our program.


Mystre's Marie Lavoe

Mystre Marie Lavoe

Sire: RW SGC Drinkwater Derringer of Mystre

Queen: Gogees Special Liberty of Mystre

If you ever heard the song Marie Lavoe by Bobby Bare, you will understand our girl and boy (Handsome Jack- now retired). Marlo is so sweet and loving. She demands attention and is the epitome of what a Bengal is. She is very talkative, smart in ways that would stun anyone who hasnt owned a Bengal. She is a home bred girl and a real joy in our lives. She makes amazing kittens and is a completely devoted mother to her babies. Unlike many cats she just loves showing her babies to anyone who wants to see them and if you dont want to see them, she will encourage you until you do. She is the mother to our show boy Mystre Mojo Working and her kittens are beyond amazing. Every single one of them are just "WOW" kittens.


Baako Sweet Melody of Mystre
(Retired breeder as of 4-30-10)

Sire: Millwood Rajan Agu Baako

Queen: Gogees Nefartari Anippe Baako

Sweety was aptly named, as she is a very personable and highly intelligent girl and very sweet indeed.. She was a blessing shared with us from Jean Danforth of Baako Bengals. The socialization and temperament was superior in this girl and I can't thank Jean enough for trusting us with her. She was proven an incredible mama cat and produced very pretty babies with huge donut rosetts with amazing personalities. What a wonderful girl, we could not have been more pleased with her. Sweety has retired from our breeding program and move on to her forever family who took both her and Libby. They are now spoiled rotten and living large. We will sure miss you girls. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.



Gogees Special Liberty of Mystre (retired as a breeder 6-10-10.)


Gogees Special Liberty of Mystre

Sire: Gogees Casanova

Queen: Gogees Satinique

We adore Libby. She is a wonderful friend, beautiful pet and a perfect mama. She produces incredible kittens no matter what male she is bred to. She does such a great job with her babies that are very well socialized with a temperament that is nothing short of ideal. We could not be more proud of her. She came to us from Gene Ducote of Gogees, a long time friend whom we respect and thank for her work on this beautiful girl and the breed as a whole.

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