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Pulp Fiction (Fergie) Pictures

Sire: RW SGC Drinkwater Derringer of Mystre
Queen: Mystre's Marie Lavoe

Fergie Poolside

Bug hunting at night by the pool. Its a cats night out at the Pennington Furball ranch, and a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do.


Its water, right? Where the heck are the fish then? What's that noise? Whats in the bushes? Shhhhh... I'm hunting dangit!


I just know I heard something over there...................... BUUUUUUGGGGGGG... gotta go!~!!!


Fergie (and Karmy) on the way to their first show in Witchita Falls, Tx in 2009, the excitement is palpable.


Fergie and Karmy looking to anyone not in the "know" as if they are innocent and oh so abused, *gasp* jailed even.


I am sweet and innocent Damnit!

I am innocent, I really am and if you wont admit it try to catch me then :)


Long trip back. Some will think my two foot is a bad kitty daddy for "letting" me ride outside the crate. They just don't know how persuasive I can be *kittywink*


  Fergie on her Cat Wheel  
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