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Note: Mark passed in April 2015; however, the Mystre Bengals that he poured his heart and soul into lives on. The information below was written by Mark in his words and left alone except for a few updates.

My name is Mark. I am married to the most wonderful woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her name is Karen and we have been married for 31 years as of June 14th 2012. We were married in Houston, Texas in 1981 and within a few days after we were wed, we went to Japan where I was stationed on the USS Midway in Yokosuka. We were there a few days before I went to sea for several months leaving this little Texas girl in a strange country all alone. She was a great trooper and befriended some folks and got to know her way around and set up our household there. Not bad for someone who had not been out of the U.S. before. It was easier for me as I spent many years as a military dependent living in Turkey, Italy and Germany when I was growing up.

U.S.S. Midway CV-41

After our return from Japan, we moved to Bremerton, Washington and it was there that we had our first of three sons, Ryan Michael. He was followed in a couple of years by Aaron Adam, then a couple of years later by Jesse Dean.

Ryan and his wife, Crystal, graduated from Dallas Baptist University and married in the summer of 2006 .

Their studies in linguistics and their faith in Christ led them both to become missionaries in Papua New Gunea working for Wycliffe as bible translators.

I could not be more proud of my son and daughter in law and their faith in God and their ability to listen to His will in their lives.

Our first grandchild, Chloe Rebecca, was born on October 15th, 2009 in Amarillo, Tx. Update: Our grandson Caedman was born August 15, 2011

Crystal and Ryan in Papua New Gunea

Crystal and Ryan on a 6 week visit to a village to prepare for their translation work in the village.

A beautiful place, but this is one old man who would not mind a visit but I need a Sealy Matress, Blue Belle Ice Cream, hamburgers and what in the heck would I do with all these cats LOL.

Ryan and Crystal and our three grandchildren returned to the states in December 2015

Ryan recording a story in the local language from their friend Apong

Our Son the USN LT

Aaron is our middle son. He is a graduatefrom Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. (May 2011) He is one of those guys that can get away with anything because he just has that "look" that says he is innocent. We know him better of course. He did very well in school and worked his way through college at Olive Garden, an italian restraunt, as a host.

He was always kind of short for his age and his attitude was remarkable in dealing with that. He sure got more and better looking girlfriends than I ever did at his age.

He was accepted into the US Navy in the OCS BDCP (Baccalaureate Degree Completion program). He was sworn into the Navy on 08-28-2009. He completed his degree while being paid by the Navy. In October of 2011 he completed Officers Candidate School in Rhode Island and began a career as an Officer in the USN.

Jesse is my youngest son. Jesse is a very personable young man. He has more intelligence than he gives himself credit for and is a very big animal lover. He has worked as a volunteer part time and later as a paid tech at a vetenarians office and at the Houston Zoo. He has learned how to do a great deal of things most of us don't ever have to do. He has witnessed operations, euthanasias and many other animal related traumas and ordinary care.. Jesse has made Seattle, WA his home for now.

Jesse Dean Our freshly planted garden in the back yard

My wonderful wife Karen

My wife works in Contract Management. I only know that she deals with a lot of purchases that involve the Space Station. Her job is of amazing importance to the space program and I am so very proud of what she does. I know that her job is very difficult and she is very highly respected and rewarded for the work that she has done over the many years she has been with the goverment, which is 30 years now.

Her dedication to her work is second only to her love and dedication to our family. My wife is the most compassionate and loving person I have ever known. She didnt start out as a cat person, I guess I might have brought that about over the years, as I have always been a cat person. When we married she would not even consider an inside cat, but now I have to keep a sharp eye on her at cat shows as she will single handedly support all the vendors with her purchases.

She loves our four footed family very much and is as weird as I am. Almost.

I was in the U.S. Navy for 6 years of active service and got out as an IC 1 (E-6 interior communication electrician) I then went to work in corrections, in a work release facility in Washington. I worked in the insurance industry for a while, then worked in the car business as a sales manager for large dealerships in the Northwest. We had some wonderful toys in Washington, among them was my pride and joy at the time, a Mooney 201. I invested a great deal of time and effort into learning about aviation and got my pilots license. I am instrument rated in complex high preformance single engine land. We got rid of the 4 place airplane after our third child and got the Bayliner 32', which was wonderful around Puget Sound. I am currently disabled/retired and my hobby is in raising Bengal Cats. This is my hobby but is a serious passion. I want to further this breed and share these wonderful cats with others throughout our community and the world.

N201VL- My 1978 Mooney

Special Liberty '91 Bayliner 32'

My father and my "city girl" wife, Karen
Mom and Dad (will always miss you)

Me and Little Red on the Ranch in South Texas  
  About 12 years old. Loved animals early on.

Mark, Karen, Aaron, Jesse, Crystal & Chloe, Ryan

Taken December 5th, 2009

The Pennington Family in a rare moment where all are in one place.

Below is a later picture of Mark with grandkids Chloe and Caedmon. Mark never had the pleasure of meeting Carter, who was born in June 2015.

Also part of our family is Keri Crenshaw who is mom to Mystre "Raja" and Mystre Pure Imagination "Emi" and then either adopted us or we adopted her, not sure which came first. Keri is currently helping Karen carry on Mark's legacy.

Keri carterbifold

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