Mystre Mojo Working

Our home grown show boy. Mojo is the #1 Bengal in South Central & #10 Shorthair Kitten of the year 2009. Attained SGC in 4 adult shows. He is currently the #1 Bengal in South Central Region, #4 Bengal in the US, #7 Bengal Internationally

Mojo is as sweet of a boy as you would ever want. He is full of love and that comes so naturally from his dad RW QGC Junglekatz Idolwurthy of Mystre and his Grandfather RW SGC Drinkwater Derringer of Mystre and great grandfather OS RW SGC Inkosi, which was the worlds best Bengal. The pedigree of this boy brings with it incredible temperament and strong structure. This is what we try to attain when we spend all these years producing these magnificent cats.





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