Making A Species Appropriate Diet For Your Cat
Making a Raw Diet  
Walmart doesnt like you taking pictures inside of their stores *grin* but we got permission. First off you send your son into the store to go shopping for you. This significantly simplifies this process if you can convince your offspring to do the bulk of the work. Incidentally my son calls this a "Raw Deal" not a raw diet. For a copy of our raw recipe click here. By the way, I am not recommending Walmart, just happens to be where we go to get our supplies for raw.
The ingredients are very simple, and contrary to a lot of different recipies available it is not necessary to get complex. Cats are obligate carnivores. The biggest thing we have to do primarily is feed them meat. Not a lot of vegetable matter. The things we use like 4 containers of Squash is to equate to approximate stomach matter of small rodents. Its a tiny amount. The pumpkin (100% pure, no sugar added) is for fiber since they are not eating fur and feathers. Thats all the vegetable matter that you really need in a raw mix.

We put in plain, non flavored yogurt. Originally we thought that adding the yogurt would help improve good bacteria growth in the feline digestive tract. We have since found out that this is not necessarily so. Adding yogurt may or may not be beneficial. It seems to us that our cats like having the little bit of this in their mix so we contine to use it. It would be more beneficial to add an acidopholus supplement. Only L. acidophilus is the true acidophilus species, but many producers (mainly in the US) use it as a more generic name for mixtures of bacteria, one of which is L. acidophilus.

The picture on the left is of Kitty Bloom, this is a 4lbs container of it. We have used this for many years now in our foods and it is the best, by far, supplement for felines we have found. (also available for dogs by the way) You should use approximately 1/4 teaspoon per cat per day. This mix we are making that you see here is about 10 gallons. We get about 120 baggies that has around 12 servings in each. We feed 2x a day. This means we need about 90 teaspoons of Kitty Bloom or 3.75 cups.

I show here both chicken and some ground turkey. You can add some ground turkey to make the mixture stretch farther for you. I generally would rather use the turkey than ground beef. As you can see, we just go buy regular fryers for chicken. If you find a deal on a bag of leg quarters as we did today you can add those too or in place of. Whatever is inexpensive that day. It does not have to be expensive to be good. Any raw is much better than commercial food/kibble. Sometimes those big tubes of ground turkey are pretty cheap, its ok to use some of that too. Just a nice mix of meats is preferred.
1/3 of our chicken/foul mix (roughly) is some kind of organ meats. Chicken gizzards, livers, hearts (if you can get them are a wonderful source of taurine) These are all in the chicken section of your grocery store. You might have to look in the frozen section to find the gizzards and hearts. But ask if you dont see them, they are almost always there.

We also use beef stew meat. Its the cheap cut of beef that is cut up in chunks already. About 1/3 of our total mix is beef, can be lots less or even a little more. Its not that big of a deal. The ratio is just a close guesstimate, nothing is set in stone for this. So dont get hung up on exact amounts. I mean you wont see a cat taking down a cow for its dinner so in reality its not an appropriate meat for the feline species, but its still fine to use in moderation.

Also notice the freezer baggies we buy. Get the double zipper baggies. If you dont, you will be thawing your kitties breakfast frequently and find it full of water as the baggie leaked. Also its important to use the freezer baggies not storage baggies. The storage ones are too thin and the bone in the baggie will poke small holes in them and will leak alot. Plus since we are freezing the food we want it to be as protected as we can.

Another small secret is that you want to get a VERY good meat cleaver. I cant stress this enough. A professional cleaver will make cutting the chicken up to fit in the neck of the grinder so much easier. Here is a link to the one we use: MEAT CLEAVER

Above is our first grinder. This one when this picture was taken was about 8 years old. We have ran probably 3000 chickens through it and its still going strong. You can find the Northern Tool Grinder by clicking here. There is a better one that ours is a knock off of that you can find by clicking here. I do want to point out that the better one by far is the Tasin. The quality of the knock off at Northern Tool is hit and miss at best. The Tasin is a consistently better product. In addition if you make the purchase from Dennis at The One Stop Jerky Shop he handles all warrany work there and is fantastic with customer service. I am a real demanding customer and this place is where I would recommend without hesitation. Do let him know you were referred from here. We get no commission from him but we do appreciate the care he gives our raw feeding group.
Tasin Electric Grinder   Weston #22 Grinder

Above left is the Tasin grinder. The Weston #22 Grinder is on the right. It handles a larger volume, and also bigger pieces fit in the mouth of the grinder which means less chopping and faster processing times. In addition it is much quieter, all stainless including the internal gears. This is a much higher quality machine. If you want the high end, best machine out there, the Weston #22 is the one. The Tasin (left) is the best quality middle grade machine and the knockoff is a cheap version that has sometimes decent quality sometimes not so good. My recommendation from a great deal of experience is the Tasin from the One Stop Jerky Shop or the Weston #22.

There are a lot of others out there and I have researched them all. I have spoke with customers who have had most of the models in our range. These are the stand out best of them all. Dont think you can make due with lesser items like your ever faithful Kitchen Aid, it will burn up the first time you use it. Many grinders are not meant to allow the bones to be ground, these will easily handle chicken bones. No beef and no turkey, they are too hard. Feel free to contact me anytime for more information.

Mystre Bengals Raw Diet   Cost for 10 Gallons of raw food ingredients
The picture on the left is the total items we need for making our raw diet this time. (Kitty Bloom isnt in that picture but everything else is) and the picture on the right is the total we paid for all of that (not including the supplement) and we get 120 baggies of 12 servings each (most of the time its more than that) which means we spend about 1.56 a day feeding 13 adult cats. (we almost always get more food than that out of each batch, our typical costs are about .86 a day for raw). We do add some commercial to our feeding but only because we cant be sure every customer will feed our kittens raw we need them to be able to eat commercial foods as well. If we were sure everyone would feed a species appropriate diet, we would eliminate commercial canned and kibble.
Dazzledots Instant Karma of Mystre   Dazzledots Instant Karma of Mystre
Most of the time you will get plenty of offers to help out, and they are quite insistent that you let them LOL


Below left is the video of this batch of raw being made and on the right is how we package the raw.


Below is the video made with our new Weston #22


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