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Sire: Huntersridge Dice on Ice


Karmy is a beautiful girl with a very special sweetness that is very unique to her. An unbelievably good mother. She is so interesting to watch as she actually teaches her kittens. You can see her as she leads them out to be with us and others when she feels its time. And her babies are always so wonderful and their personalities are very special. This girl is truly a gem and we are so blessed to be allowed to share her life and her love.


Fergie goes out here and catches bugs so i can do it too. ? Whats a bug?


Hmmmm if i get myself flat enough, can I get in there and not get wet?


BUG!!! Oh, never mind. Was a pebble. Need to eat a bug so I can hack it up later on a pillow for daddyman.


Karmy (and Fergie) on the way to their first show in Witchita Falls, Tx in 2009, the excitement is palpable as evidenced by the sink diving after the long drive.


Karmy and Fergie looking to anyone not in the "know" as if they are innocent and oh so abused, *gasp* jailed even.


(Left) Fergie not looking at Karmy and Karmy not looking at Fergie. (Right) Random shot of Karmy in a dead run on the cat wheel.



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