Mystre Bengals  

Quad Grand Champion Spice Castanea De Geneve of Mystre


Ginny is a very sweet girl with no volume control on her voice *grin* She has a very unique and wild look that is very reminescent of an early generation cat. Her ears are actually very small. These are kitten pictures of her and they do look much larger than they are and they are also very rounded as opposed to pointed in the one picture lol. As of this writing they are about the size of half my thumb.



This beautiful girl came to us all the way from Switzerland and Boris Ehret. I couldnt say enough positive things about Boris. A fantastic transaction from a very trustworthy and responsible breeder. I am forever grateful to him for his trust in us with this girl.



Everything about her from her looks to her movement scream WILD. But she is as sweet as they come, head butts every night as she sleeps with us. She plays harder than any bengal I have had the pleasure of sharing our life with. We cannot wait to breed her when she is old enough and her show carreer comes to a close.


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