Mystre Bengals Cattery Construction Progress


This is the pictorial of our cattery construction progress in our home. Our cats have a cage free enviorment and we try to provide as good of a life for our cats as possible. Whole males do have to be contained in some way in order to keep them from spraying all over the place. We have elected to create a space in our home that allows them to have a room of their own. There will be a seperation between the two sides of the garage addition in order to keep the boys seperated from one another and therefore safe. They are very loving and easy going cats, but as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


View from the front of the garage looking in. As you can see we have not yet moved all of our stuff out of the garage into the new house. Cats take priority as you can see, they get their rooms handled first. The door in the back is the entrance to the newly enclosed part of the garage. That part was the third garage, until we framed it in and added a door. Below you will see how we enclosed the right hand side of the garage you see in this picture.


On the right is the door we installed that goes from the garage into the Studs room, below left is the view inside before we added the flooring. The wood floor would have been a very bad idea due to how a whole male will not always use his litterbox. He sprays in order to attract those pretty little Bengal girls.


Above is the view from inside the Stud room looking out into our over stuffed garage.


This is the 4th bedroom of our new home... right after we tore out the carpet, who needs carpet in a Queens room? We wanted to add tile so that it would make it much easier to keep clean as well as able to disinfect more effectively. This is important to reduce the possiblity of illness in the cattery and is very important, however, the biggest benefit for us is that its easier to clean up after our furry loved ones.


A mess of materials and equipment in order to get started


On of the things we wanted to do was run the vinyl in the Studs room up the walls about 3 feet. That way if they sprayed it wouldnt get into the wood / drywall. The way we chose to do it was to not cut the vinyl on the floor on both wide (long) sides of the room but bent it right at the floor and just continued it up the sides. On the front and back sides where we were unable to do that we used a water proof caulking to seal all seams. This was to prevent liquid from leaking out of the room but also to prevent any critters, like ants, from getting into the room. The door is fully weather sealed as well. We used this same process when we enclosed the right hand side of the garage, it has been very successful and sure makes it easy to keep clean.


This is the view of the garage stud room from the garage side looking in after the vinyl was installed.


This is the stud room from the inside looking out. The vinyl runs up the walls three feet all the way around. I know it looks more like a mens room, but if you have been around a whole male cat then you know you need to build it like a mens room. *laugh*


This is our 4th bedroom after the carpet was all removed and the tile was put down. The grout is a commercial grade and is an epoxy based grout. This makes it about as water proof as we can make it and still have it look nice. The cats will have shelving and hopefully a big tree inside. They have a great view of our side yard where we will install hummingbird feeders for their TV system. The girls still always have free roam of our home unless they are breeding with a boy or they need to be quarantined. This is again why we went with a tile, it is not only easy to clean but allows for a more complete disinfecting in order to maintain a healthy cattery.


Stripper Pole for cats
We keep adding cat toys like this Kitty Stripper Pole. It is a frequent pathway to the shelving above the window and allows for a continued run around the room on shelves. Please feel free to read the story about how this was built and the buider... me (The Cat Room)


Kitten running on Cat Wheel in Cat Room
Kittens and adults alike love the cat wheel, They will run and run. We get to laughing so hard when we hear them fighting for their turn and then the wheel spinning like mad.


This section is the transformation of the garage. We enclosed the entire right hand side of it. Basically we built a huge box with one side being the far right hand wall. in the background you can see the first boys room where we enclosded the 1/3 part of the garage. Note in this picture where the garage door opener is on the right. In the following pictures you can use that for perspective. Cattery Construction- Garage before enclosing right half


Below is the framing in process. One view looking in from the front of the house and another looking out towards the driveway. Again for perspective you can see the garage door opener both above and below. I left the top of the cattery section open up to the ceiling for additional storage for large items like ladders and boxes.
framing in the cattery This picture adds a little different perspective.


This is a view from the inside looking out toward the driveway. There are a few different perspectives of the room here. Notice we added a subfloor rather than using the concrete. We did this so the floors had a barrier to reduce heat and cold transfer. The room at the back of the garage rarely needs heat or cooling any time of the year as it is always comfortable in the room, even to me who cant deal with big temperature difference. No one can believe how cool it stays in summer.


drywall work Drywall work


Mystre Bengals Cattery Construction

When we started the drywall i was only going to go up about 4 foot on the walls in each room and wire the tops. In the middle of doing this I decided that it would make more sense to go all the way up to allow more shelving on walls for the cats to have more vertical space. Will be adding wall and corner shelves in addition to kitty stripper poles in each room. I hope to be able to add another Cat Wheel in the hall.

Will show you in a minute how we added a lot of space for each cat while keeping room secure when we open the door to go in.


Primer coat and fitting doors Mystre Bengals Cattery Construction Project

View to the right is after fitting doors and adding first primer coat. Lighting still needs to be improved we think. Maybe bigger flouresent bulbs. Will work on that.

The picture on the right is our vinyl in each room for the cats. Vinyl goes up the walls just like in other males room. On right and left the vinyl is folded at the bottom so there is no seal, The back crease will be filled with high quality, non toxic, water proof caulking. This effectively seals the room from liquid waste leaking out and reduces odors.


Starting the trim work Notice three panels on right hand wall. They fold out to open more space for each cat room See how door from room opens out to attach to panel on right wall.
The picture on the left was starting to trim the cattery spaces some. Vinyl was added in hall and all rooms. Added strips on right wall to add the small frames for the door extensions. The middle picture shows the door extenders installed and hinged against the right wall. The picture on the right shows how we can open the middle door as an example and make the entire space able to be opened up into two large rooms.


We can open up 1, 2 or 3 of the rooms and add the hallway as well for more space and still keep safe zone at entrance door to cattery space You can see how the panels on the right can swivel out away from wall or back against the wall for more space in hall when needed
The picture on the left shows two doors opened from the rooms and attached to the extenders on the right wall. This allows the end room and middle room to have space into hall opened up but still secure from each other. The picture on the right just again shows how the panels are hinged to fold.


This door has no trim over wire ends yet The picture on the left shows the wire around the door before being covered with trim wood. The picture on the right shows the doors with wire covered with wood trim to protect kitty paws. All wire ends are covered with wood to prevent cats from getting poked by wire ends


This is the entrance door to the 1/2 car module cattery. This is a wider view of the entry showing shelving for cattery supplies on left of entrance to cat room.

I hope that the different views allow you to get a perspective of how we took a rather smaller two car garage and made it into a rather large space for our cats. The surprises are how cool the interiors are even without A/C. We will also be adding that as well, but thats just because we spoil our babies


Now i have to find someone who can and will paint a big mural on the wall for the cats (ok for me, but we wont tell them that ok)


Mystre Bengals Cattery Construction Project As you can see in this picture the big box inside the garage. I have saved room at the very front of the right hand side for storage for all my hurricane wood for windows if we have to evacuate like we did in '05 for Hurricane Rita.
Almost the same view looking in once we were all done and finished with cleanup. This was done in a very hot Texas June in 2009, My wife, Karen did most of the organization and cleanup. I couldnt have done any of this without her or my son, Jesse. Thank you both so much for all your hard work. After all cleanup, finished looking in the garage from driveway.


Stay tuned as we add the furniture and enviorment for our cats. We will continue to add our improvements here for those interested in seeing our progress. Thank you for your interest in Mystre Bengals. Also please send suggestions for any improvements to us anytime, we are always interested in great ideas from everyone. *CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US *




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