Cattery Cat Tree Information
New Concept Cat Tree for Cattery Cats/Spraying & Messy Cats

If you would like to contact us you can email us or call us at 281-538-9590. We will make every effort to return any contact within 48 hours or sooner.

This Cat tree is modular, can be broken down and fit in a small box for shipping. It is SUPER easy to put together, all the pieces just slip on and are snug. the bedding pads are quickly removable for cleaning, just held on with tight fitting elastic banding. The entire tree is made up of rounded edge plastic and is completely non porous. A cat can soak this in urine and it wipes right off. No more throwing away cat trees after cats destroy them.

The tree is VERY stable, and solid. Holds my two bigger bengals and doesn’t move around when they jump on it. Heavy construction throughout.

The sisal rope column is a sleeve, you can just slip it right off and soak in disinfectant to clean if needed, or once cat wears it out can replace just the sleeve of sisal rope.

This simple cat tree will eliminate the need to replace trees over and over. The cats still get vertical spaces and the odors of soaked in pee are removed from the cattery. This will allow for a cleaner and healthier environment for your cats.

This tree is the first of its kind, the builder (not me, i am devoid of skills needed to do stuff like that) is in process of making several different models. I had this idea, approached him and we tossed ideas back and forth and this is the result. I think he is a genius. I am having one made for each run in my cattery. They are inexpensive; look very clean and more important will stay clean.

These will be made first come first serve. The cost will be 189.00, and that is about 50-60ish over his cost of materials. I think that is overly fair and seeing the construction of this and how much it will save me in just a year I cant say enough about it. I am not selling these for a profit; I will just be directing you to him for sales. I just believe in him and this tree enough to share it with you.





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