A Bengal Personality

The domestic Bengal cat (must be four generations or more removed from it's wild ancestor) are highly intelligent and affectionate cats. With their enchanting and strikingly beautiful wild appearance, They are really like having a tame piece of the wild in your own home, whilst still being so dependably sweet natured and delightfully loving.

The Bengal can be very mischievous and boisterous. They are active cats always ready to play. You can easily leash train them, and teach them to fetch, and play other games. They are also very vocal cats, always eager for human companionship and approval. The Bengal mixes well with children and other animals. With their sleek, soft coat, which is more like a pelt than ordinary cat fur, sufferers of allergies claim that the Bengal brings out fewer reactions.

The Bengal is also unique in that these cats actually love and enjoy water. They will play for hours with a slightly running tap. The Bengal will delight children and adults alike with its playful antics with water.

The Bengal cat will grace any home and be a loyal life companion. They are also very people oriented cats, so it may be worth considering obtaining two Bengals for company if you are likely to be out of the home all day. You will find that they are very "dog-like" in personality, following you from room to room in your home and always greeting you with a loving welcome. Whether male or female, this exotic, unique cat will hold a place in your heart forever like no cat as ever done before.


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