Amazing Bengals


For all the talk you hear about the amazing beauty of the Bengal cat, you could be forgiven for assuming that a Bengal possesses normal domestic cat behaviour, just with wonderful markings as well. However, ask a Bengal owner why they bought their second Bengal (as so often happens...) and you’ll find out the real reason why a Bengal cat is such a wonderful addition to many homes: It is that many Bengal catsare delightful characters who light up your life with entertainment, interest and affection.

Before we go into too much detail, it is as well to note that all cats’ personalities are formed by many factors, including their genetic heritage, their socialisation and living conditions when growing up, and good old random individuality! As a result there is always much more variation between individual cats than there is commonality within a given breed. That said, many breeds of cat do have commonly found characteristics which typify the breed. Siamese, Burmese and Persians in particular are all renowned for certain types of behaviour. The Bengal’s unique genetic heritage, and rigorous breeding programmes have produced many cats with very pronounced personalities and unusual behaviour patterns, which are as much a reason to want to own the cats as their visual appearance.

At the simplest level, most Bengals, have a lot of personality! In a manner similar to the oriental cat breeds, they are intelligent, lively, interactive cats, with whom you have a very genuine two-way relationship. They are typically neither an ‘aloof’ cat who ignores you haughtily, nor a dull quiet cat. They are very much a dynamic and active part of the family group. Bengals however are not the same as Orientals, nor any other breed, but have various key characteristics which make very special and different.

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