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Ok these are not neat sheets, but they are what we did at the last show we were at last weekend.. There are 4 attachments below(1-4) I will try to walk you through this. These come from the book you get when you check in at the show. First thing you do is find your cats number in the book. I would mark that page somehow, dog ear the corner, paperclip etc.

The sheet will be marked in two sides.. The left side will be Saturday, and the right side Sunday. Across the top of the page are the initials of the judges. Underneath each judges initial are blanks.. the ones right beside your cats name are the COLOR scores (color means how the judge places them against all the other cats in their division) On Scoring Page #1 and Scoring Page #2 (those are the pages in the book for my breed for that day) you will see that there are 6 bengals in the “Traditional Tabby Division” , then another Division of Sepia Tabby.

The judges judge each color of a division, then pick the best of them 1-5, then they do the next division, each color in that as well.. After they judge each color of a division then they decide the best three of each division. After that then they decide which 3 cats were the best three of all the divisions.

As you can see on Scoring Page #1 on Saturday, Maggie got 1,3,1,2,3,1 for her color awards of the traditional tabby division. Then if you look on “scoring_2.jpg” you will see that she also got 1,-, 1,3,-,1 for division awards. Then look down a bit further and you will see that she got 1,-,1,-,-,1 for best of breed awards.

Now if we go to Scoring Page #3 you will see a Finals page, either in the front or back of the same book. There is one of these for each group of cats in the show. Cats, Kittens, Alters, HHPK’s, HHP’s, New Breed. In our case Maggie got finals in three rings.. You can see we put her number in the space of the final she got, and at the very bottom of the column is a spot for “cat count” (how many cats that judge saw that day)

Ok now, for the scoring part: on Scoring Page #4 you will see a Title Confirmation sheet. I thought you still had to fill this out unless you had paid for the EO to keep track of it for you with a program they have for that. Even if they do put the titles on the TDS (TICA ONLINE) you have to just print them out rather than getting a nice certificate from TICA. I will keep filling out my Title Confirmation sheet. This also allows me to keep track of our cats points and to see how many more points they need for their next award. (lol on this sheet you can see the number 4010.. that told me we were 10 points over the amt needed for quad grand champion *grin*)

As you can see on this sheet, the points are listed for BOC (best of color) and BOD (best of division) along with points for each place in an All-breed ring and a specialty ring (SH & LH separately). So let’s look at the first blank on the form. Mission City Cat club, date of show, name of judge, AB or SP, Cat#, then BOC #1, BOD #1, (from Finals sheet on Scoring Page #3) 9th place final .. The BOC was worth 25 points, the BOD was worth 25 points, and the final was worth 120 for a total of 170 for that ring on that day.

IF this was a first adult show for this cat, she would have been a champion by the 4rd ring.. 390 points by 4 different judges and a final

The following is what is needed to title your cat at the different levels from CH to SGC:

CH CHA MS 300 points from 4 different judges, plus one final
GRC GCA GRM 1000 points with 6 finals/4 different judges, 3 in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB
DGC DGCA DGM 2000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a GRC/GRCA/GRM
TGC TGCA TGM 3000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a DGC/DGCA/DGM
QGC QGCA QGM 4000 points plus 1 final in Top 5 SP or Top 10 AB as a TGC/TGCA/TGM
SGC SGCA SGM 6000 points plus 1 Best Cat as a QGC/QGCA/QGM


(click the photos below for a larger view)

Cat Show Scoring #1 Cat Show Scoring #2
Scoring Page #1 Scoring Page #2 Scoring Page #3


  Cat Show Scoring #4  
  Scoring Page #4  

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