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Entering A TICA Cat Show

Well congratulations (or condolences lol) you have decided to enter and attend a cat show. There is a lot to do but a lot of help is available for you if you know where to look and who to ask. Were going to help you out there too.

First things first, we need to decide what cat show you want to attend and what cat or cats you want to take and show. To find a show in TICA you can go to the TICA website at Scroll through the dates and places on the calander until you find the one you wish to attend. Click on the link there and you will find a TICA page that will show you the show date, where it is located at, who the judges are scheduled to be, other information regarding the show, the show manager and their contact information and at the bottom of the page a link to the flyer from the cat club that is putting on the show. Clubs organize the shows that are sanctioned and licensed by TICA.

(click the photos below for a larger view)

Above are the screenshots of the TICA website and how to get to the calander, find the show and date, then the summary form for that show. After you click on the show date the next page will have the show information on it as well as the link to the flyer of the cat club that is putting on the show.

The Clubs Show Flyer Summary Form Summary Form (pt2)

Above are screenshots of the Summary form that you can get to from the link on the shows flyer. This form must be filled out with your name, address and phone number. Also on the form will be a "benching request" block. You can use this to request to sit next to your mentor, friend, or members of the breed you are showing. (i.e.- Please bench with Billyjoebob Mac)

Then there will also be a form to fill in the numbers of cats you are entering and the fees. There will be a section for "early bird entries" where you can get a discount on your fees if you enter early enough. This is to help clubs pay for many things that are needed to put on the show, such as judges flights, rental of the facility etc. There will be several options available if you wish to take advantage of them. These include items such as: Grooming spaces, end of row spaces, cage for cats that are for sale but not showing and others. The Summary form will also have information like the shows closing date for entries, address to mail payment to, or link to pay via PayPal, entry clerk contact information where you can call or write if you have questions.

Rest assured that they will be very happy to help you if you are new or need help as your entries are what keeps the club running and able to put on shows. Remember to click "Submit" in order to send the form to the entry clerk. After you submit that Summary form then you will need to fill out an entry form for each cat you are going to enter.

Summary Form (pt3) Entry Form Entry Form (pt2)


This is the TICA region you live in. Information on what states and countries are in which region can be found at:

If you are showing a championship cat (pedigreed non-altered) for the first time, the cat is a Novice. If you are showing an alter for the first time, the cat is a Novice Alter. If you are showing an adult household pet for the first time, the cat is a Senior. Kittens, household pet kittens, and new breed & color entries do not have titles.

Once your cat has been shown at one or more TICA shows, it may be eligible for a higher title. See for the requirements for TICA titles.

TICA Registration Number

You can show a cat in any class (other than Preliminary New Breed, Advanced New Breed, or New Traits) one time without a TICA registration number (*). After that you will lose any points the cat may accumulate to titles, regional and international wins if you do not register the cat. If you are entering without a registration number, put the word PENDING in the TICA Registration Number line.

Name Your cat's full registered name. You may call your cat "Snowball", but she may be registered "Whitecats Whiteout of Yourcat". You need to include your cat's full name. If your cat is not registered, you should list the full name as she will be registered. Be very careful to use correct spelling as it can affect your cats advancement.
Dam The full name of your cats mother. Include any titles earned. Not needed for Household Pets
Sire The full name of your cats father. Include any titles earned. Not needed for Household Pets
Breeder The full name of your cats breeder as indicated on the registration papers. Not needed for Household Pets

The link for the entry form is on the flyer, the same page the summary form link was on. You must submit an entry form for each cat you are entering in the show. Some information you will be required to include on the form will be: The region you are in (if you don't know click here or ask your mentor or the entry clerk), what days you are showing your cat, the sex of the cat, any awards it has previously won, if your cat is a longhair or a shorthair, what class your cat is in. They will want to know what category your cat is (traditional, sepia, mink, pointed) and what division it is in (solid, tortie, tabby, silver/smoke, solid+white, tortie+white, tabby+white, silver/smoke+white and if you don’t know someone will help you and even if you get it wrong it can be corrected at the show if needed so don’t worry someone will gladly help and you will learn) If you are entering a Household Pet there is a similar section for you to fill out as well.

The form will want to know the name of your cat, her color, breed and registration number from your TICA pedigree. (if you are still waiting on your pedigree information you are allowed to show your cat one time and filling the registration blank with the word "pending") They will want your cats birth date, her Sire and Dam, who the breeder and owner are and agent if one is used (an agent is someone showing a cat for someone else who is absent) Remember if you have questions, don't be concerned as it is in the best interest of all of us in the cat fancy to be happy to help you and answer your questions. We want you to come to the cat shows and show your cats with us. Again make sure you press the "Submit" button to send it to the entry clerk. Ensure that you pay right away as the cat club needs that to put all the parts of the show together for you.

Shortly after you enter the show, once the entry clerk has recorded your entries, you will receive a confirmation of your entry via email.This confirmation will include a listing of how your cat will be listed in the catalog. Double check this information and contact the entry clerk immediately if there are any errors. If the information on the confirmation is wrong, your entry in the catalog and official records of the show will be wrong. It's much easier to fix the problem before the official show records are printed, rather than fixing them at the show.

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