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Day of the Show

On the day of the show you want to arrive at the showhall in plenty of time to get setup and do so without being rushed. There are several things you will need to do and you want to have time to do them before your cats are being called to the rings. The flyer for the show from the cat club will have told you when the show starts and when you can begin to setup. If we have driven in the night before the show we will try to get there and get mostly setup then.

When you get to the showhall and get your cage setup, look around for others in your breed. Once you find them and introduce yourself be sure to tell someone at the show that you are new to showing and you could use some help understanding all of this. Someone will help you. If you are planning to attend and dont know someone you can contact me and I will put you in touch with someone who will mentor you while you are there and answer all your questions. So never hesitate to send me an email and we will get you started in the right direction :)


Video on left - This is setting up a couple of cages with cage curtains, setting one up with a few sheets if you dont have cage curtains and various views of a showhall when you get their early and a few views of various cages and curtains.



  • Check In - When you first get to the showhall look around at or near the door and you will see someone sitting there that has alot of catalogs. This will be the person checking in the exhibitors. They will be able to help you find out where you are benched as there is often a benching chart or perhaps your catalog will have a row number on it. If you wonder through the showhall you should also see names on paper at each benching location. Find your space and then you can start setting up.

  • Setting Up Your Cats Cage - You can put up your cage curtains, or if you dont have those you can set up your cages using a few sheets (look on this page for video and directions for cage curtains)

  • Verifying Cats Information in Catalog- Once you get all set up you will want to check what your cats number is. This is the number they will use to call you to the ring to show your cat. Also you want to verify all the information in the catalog for your cat is correct.Its important that you do so in order for all points won get credited at TICA. You need to check to see if there are any errors in your cat's breed, color, sex, or age. If so, go back to the check in table and notify the person doing check in. They will make sure that your change is announced. If there are other errors, such as a name spelled wrong, wrong title, wrong region, etc., you will need to make the change with the master clerk. You also should check the judging schedule printed somewhere in the catalog. This will give you an idea when your cats will be judged. These are subject to modification during the day so dont panic if they arent perfect. They try to follow them but sometimes timing changes during the days.
    (Note: Throughout the show you will need to pay attention to ring calls or you may miss your cat's number being called to the ring. Ring clerks will give second, and sometimes third, calls for individual cats to come to the judging ring, but some shows may not do more than two calls. So pay attention or you may be marked absent from a ring!

  • Grooming - Once you are all settled in and you have verified all the information you should make sure your cat is ready to be judged. Be sure you have not forgotten to trim a nail, make sure their ears and eyes are cleaned well and while this might sound a little odd, take a look at their backside and see if it needs to be cleaned with a wet wipe. Brush or comb your cat well. If you have not done this before you might get a fellow exhibitor of your breed to give you some tips on grooming the cat.

  • Judging - When the show begins you will hear someone announcing all the judges names and we all welcome them with applause to thank them for coming to judge our cats. You will see the ring clerks begin putting up little cards with numbers on them on the cages around the judges tables. These will correspond to your cats number. (see below) When your number is called to a ring, you quickly take a good look at your cats grooming and double check ears, coat, backside and then take your cat to the ring. You will put your cat in the cage that has your cats number on it. Make sure you close the cage and make sure its latched securely. Then go sit and wait as the judge works her/his way through the cats judging each one. You can take your cat out of the cage at the judges area once the judge or clerk turns the card with your number on it down or else states that your cat can leave. It is important to pay attention to this and take your cat out of the judging rings as soon as you can as it allows them to clean the cage and move on to the next cats and keep the show moving.

    Longhair Kittens
    1 - 50
    Shorthair Kittens
    51 - 100
    Longhair Championship Cats
    101 - 200
    Shorthair Championship Cats
    201 - 300
    Longhair Alters
    301 - 350
    Shorthair Alters
    351 - 400
    Longhair Household Pets (Kittens & Adults)
    401 - 450
    Shorthair Household Pets (Kittens & Adults)
    451 - 500
    Preliminary New Breed
    501 - 550
    Advanced New Breed
    551 - 600
    New Traits
    601 - 650

  • Finals -When the ring is ready to announce finals the ring clerk will announce that final numbers are being posted in the ring and you need to check the numbers. The number of the individual finalists are not announced, so you will need to check the ring. This is so that other judges will not know what cats have been selected by other judges as being the best. The numbers of the cats selected for the finals will be on the cages. The clerk will announce the type of finals, for example: longhair household pets. Once you find that your cat has been selected you will again check the cats condition and then bring it to the cage with its number on it. Then sit down and enjoy as the judge tells you and the audience what position he places your cat in as the best of what she has seen that day. She will then place an award on your cats cage. It might be a rosette or could be a placard for a rosette that each cat received at the start of the show. This depends on how that club decided to do the awards. After the judge awards all the places for that ring you can take your cat from the cage and return to your benching area. Please take a moment and thank your judge at this time.
    (Note: Judging takes precidence over finals. So, if you cat is in a ring being judged when finals are called, she needs to stay there. Go to the clerk of the ring doing the finals and let him know that your cat is in another ring being judged. As soon as she is released from the judging ring, you may bring her to the ring doing the finals.


Some of the rules exhibitors need to follow:

  • All claws of each entry shall be clipped prior to benching. Failure to do so may subject entry to disqualification.
  • Exhibitors shall not sit in the ring holding cats prior to or during judging except with the explicit permission of the judge.
  • An exhibitor shall not, in any way, make known to an officiating judge which entry(ies) belong to him.
  • An exhibitor shall not, in any way, make it known to an officiating judge where his entry(ies) have placed in any other ring.
  • An exhibitor shall not request that his entry(ies) be judged separately from the regular class(es) for the entry(ies).
  • An exhibitor shall not take any action which might cause physical harm to come to a cat or a person, during the show.
  • An exhibitor shall not groom an entry while it is in the judging ring.
  • If a cat requires special caging in a judging ring, the exhibitor shall relay this information to the ring clerk before the cat's number is posted and in time for special arrangements to be made without inconveniencing any other cats and/or exhibitors.




Judging Fun from Mark Pennington on Mystre Bengals.

Above is a fun look at judging in a typical TICA cat show.
(Thank you to Helmi Flick for her permission to use her specatular photography)


Ring Clerk Putting Numbers on Cage Setting up for Finals Ring Clerk announces finals
Cats in cages for a final Cats waiting for their final awards Judge announcing finals awards

Remember when you checked your catalog at the start of the day? Remember when we said if you had changes other than breed, color, sex, or age that you need to see the master clerk? Well, by early afternoon the first day of the show you should see the master clerk if you need to make any changes. These changes include your cat's name, region, title, registration number, sire, dam, breeder, and owner.

The Master Clerk is responsible for all the records in the show. He or she compiles a single catalog, called the master catalog, that will be used by the TICA Executive Office to score the show. The information contained in this catalog must be correct if your cat's results are to be scored. The master clerk can usually be found at a table in a quiet corner of the show hall. If you can't find the master clerk, ask one of the members of the show committee and they will be able to tell you. Many master clerks will have catalog correction forms on their table that you can use to request changes to the catalog. Fill these out with any changes you need to make on your entry and leave the form where the master clerk indicates. Other master clerks may have other ways to request changes, just check with the master clerk if it's not obvious how to request changes.

Note: The TICA show season runs from May 1 - April 30 each year. All shows during this period of time are scored for TICA regional and international awards. The 20 cats in each class who have received the most points during the show season are recognized at regional and international events. Information on awards scoring can be found in the TICA By-laws which are available at If your cat is to receive a regional or international award you will receive notification of the award in the mail.

Master Clerk hard at work. They are responsible for all the records at the show. A vital role and frequently unthanked. Remember to thank the Master Clerk if you can.

While you are at the show there will frequently be many different vendors available. Most have items and quality that is hard to find outside of these venues. Much more often than not when there is a vendor with Cat trees they are of much better quality than you can find online and for very reasonable prices., There are jewelry vendors, clothing, cat toys and many more to choose from. In addition to the vendors the Cat Club putting on these shows will almost always have a raffle table with many items available to choose from. Help them out and purchase some raffle tickets. There is so much knowledge to be gained from fellow exhibitors. I always learn so much each time I attend. These shows have been invaluable for our education in the cat fancy. I cant encourage you enough to attend. If you are a breeder how can you possibly know what makes a good example of your breed if you dont see many different cats from different programs being shown? The ability to network with other breeders and owners provides a wealth of health care advice, grooming tips and so much more.


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