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Mystre Bengals award winning RW SGC Drinkwater Derringer of Mystre

Mystre Bengals primary owner, Mark Pennington, has joined pets that have gone before him across the Rainbow Bridge; however, Mystre Bengals continues to live on.

We are a small in home cattery located a stones throw from NASA in Houston, Texas. We are in love with our Bengals as well as our Domestic cats. Our Bengals, however, have become a passion. These cats are an amazing animal of exceptional intellect and an uncanny ability to think problems through and find solutions. They are talkitive and will do a pretty darn good job of telling you what they want. They are very athletic and are a joy to watch.

I know, your thinking "all kittens are.." and they are, but the Bengal takes intelligence and play to an entirely different level.

We are committed to breeding quality Bengals with great bloodlines, superior temperament, health and beauty.

Tested normal for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) (click for report)

All photo's by Helmi Flick

IW SGC Mystre Maybe I'm Amazed
#1 Bengal in USA in 2014-2015 Show

Our kittens are raised underfoot in our own living room with all our family around, including other cats. They are handled everyday to ensure great socialization and extremely friendly and loving personalities.

We do screen each potential new home to ensure our babies go to a great forever home. Each owner will recieve a great deal of information regarding their new kitten as well as having unlimited access to us and our network of breeders for information throughout the life of the cat. All kittens are health guaranteed and have had their first vaccinations and worming.

For a great deal of first hand information about Bengal kittens and Mystre Bengals click here


International Winning Supreme Grand Champion Mystre's Maybe I'm Amazed

#1 Bengal in USA & #12 All Breed Cat Internationally, #1 All Breed Cat in the South Central Region (Largest Region in TICA)
On Safari Best of Congresses & Best Adult Male

International Winning Supreme Grand Champion Mystre's Maybe I'm Amazed

(all photos by our dear friend Helmi Flick)

Mystre's Maggie May

Sire: IW Supreme Grand Champion Spice Basil of Mystre

Queen: Anjali Minnie the Moocher of Mystre

Maybe I'm Amazed is a very special boy. His father was the #1 Bengal in the world in 2011 (#15 All Breed cat). Maybe attained his Supreme Grand Champion title (including necessary points) in two shows plus the first ring in the third. This is an amazing achievement and one we are proud of. He is the #2 Bengal in the world, #1 Bengal in USA and the #12 All Breed cat in the world. He is also the #1 All Breed cat in the largest region in TICA in the world, South Central. He is such a sweet boy, loves to travel and to go to shows. His structure is nearly ideal with a beautiful profile, a wonderfully strong chin, very small rounded ears set perfectly on his head. His pattern is chaotic and is contrast is just what we are looking for in the breed. He should be able to attain his International Win this year making him a chip off the old block just like his daddy. I want to take a moment and thank Boris Ehret of Spice Bengals for allowing me to have IW SGC Spice Basil of Mystre here in our breeding program.


Regional Winning Supreme Grand Champion Mystre's Maggie May

2010 Best Bengal Kitten at On Safari
#1 Best Bengal Kitten - Best of the Best Kitten Congress Bengal - Best of the Congresses Female Bengal Kitten, Breeder's Choice Award for Best Bengal Kitten - Breeder's Choice Award for Best Female Kitten, Breeder's Choice Award for Best Spotted Kitten

In 2010-11 Maggie May is awarded Best Bengal Kitten of the Year South Central, 8th Best Kitten of the Year South Central, Second Best Bengal Adult of the Year South Central (Our RW SGC Mojo Working was Best), Second Best Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal of the Year South Central, #6 Bengal Kitten Internationally,

#1 Bengal Female Kitten Internationally.

Regional Winning Supreme Grand Champion Mystre's Maggie May

(all photos by our dear friend Helmi Flick)

Mystre's Maggie May

Sire: RW Quad Grand Champion Junglekatz Idolwurty of Mystre

Queen: Baako Sweet Melody of Mystre

HCM Tested Negative- 2010/2011/2012/2013

Maggie is the the most laid back cat we have seen. We take her to her show rings laying on her back in our hand. She is liquid to the touch and one non-stop purr. She was the most awarded kitten at the 2010 On Safari Cat show in Albuquerque, NM. We were very pleasantly surprised and grateful that our peers from around the world voted for her to be the Best Bengal Kitten, Best Female Kitten and Best Spotted Kitten. The wins in the rings from the judges was rewarding, of course, but the Breeders Choice Awards mean more to us than we can ever say. Thank you to each of you for seeing her beauty and confirmation even when we could not. She attained her Quad Grand Championship in only 4 adult shows and as a female that is a wonderful accomplishment that we are very grateful for.


International Winning Supreme Grand Champion Spice Basil of Mystre

Basil was the 2011 #3 Bengal Kitten Internationally, #9 ALL BREED Kitten Europe, #15 ALL BREED Cat Internationally,
#5 ALL BREED Cat Europe.

2011 #1 Bengal Cat Internationally- put simply, this was the 2011 Best Bengal in the World.

International Winning Supreme Grand Champion Spice Basil

#1 Bengal in the World 2011

(photos of Basil by H.J. Rudolph)

International Winner Supreme Grand Champion Spice Basil

Sire: RW Champion Spice Estragon

Queen: RW SGC Kalanikats Chanel of Spice

HCM Tested Negative- 2011/2012/2013

This magnificent boy comes to us all the way from Switzerland. Boris Ehret was gracious enough to allow him to come live with us here in Texas. One of the most important qualities of a good breeding program is temperament and Basil has the temperament that we all want to see in our cats. He is the perfect example of this most important trait. Basil has incredible head type with a broad muzzle, strong chin and the most outstanding ears and ear set you could want. In addition his uniquely deep green eyes are so expressive you could easily miss the best bengal tail you have ever seen. This boy has it all and he is available for stud to approved programs. He is screened for HCM, PK-def (N,N), and PRA (-)

Regional Winning Supreme Grand Champion Amazontw Perfect Storm of Mystre

RW Supreme Grand Champion
Amazontw Perfect Storm of Mystre

(all photos by our dear friend Helmi Flick)

Sire: Amazontw General

Queen: Amazontw Amber

HCM Tested Negative 2012/2013

Stormy is our import from Taiwan. He is the example of genetic temperament. He is so sweet and adores everyone that he can get to pet him. He is also the example of Bengal activity levels. He is beauty in motion. We are excited to see what he will bring to our program.

Click here for TGC Amazontw Perfect Storm's Gallery Pages

RW QGC Junglekatz Idolwurthy of Mystre

2nd Best Bengal Kitten 2007 - 3rd Best Bengal of the Year 2007 - 13th Best Shorthair Cat of the Year 2007

We hope that when you are choosing a program that you want to get your kitten from you will look at what we produce and the pedigrees we have chosen. Our program is founded on genetic temperament and health. The babies we produce are not just cats with spots, but an exciting exotic looking pet that really is loving and an interactive part of your family. Please check out our testimonials and contact those who have bought cats from us in the past. We believe our reputation speaks for itself.


RW SGC Kanpur Magic Man of Mystre

In 2010-11, he came from nowhere to being our 3rd Regional Winner in 2010-11. Update: In 2010-11 Magic Man was awarded Second Best Bengal Kitten of the Year in South Central, 12th Best Kitten of the Year South Central, #17 Bengal Kitten Internationally.

Attained his Supreme Grand Championship in his 4th adult show with two Best Cats in show.

In 2012 Our RW SGC Kanpur Magic Man won a 2nd Best Bengal in the prestigious On Safari Congress and also the Breeders Choice Award for Best Spotted Bengal Adult. We could not be more proud of our PK-Def Negative, HCM Screened Boy.

In 2012 Magic Man again brings home Regional Wins for the following: 7th Best Cat of the year in South Central, Best Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal of the Year in South Central, Fifth Best Shorthair Cat of the Year in South Central, & the

2012 Best Bengal of the Year in SC, the largest region in TICA.

Magic Man is love bug. He did so well in all first shows. He is a striking cat that stops anyone who sees him in their tracks. In addition to his outstanding type, very flashy coat and color, his temperament is outstanding. You can notice in his pictures he has an extrodinary horizontal flow, beautiful profile, strong chin, stunning eyes and ears that are set very nicely on his head. We had expected Magic Man to quickly attain his SGC title as soon as his kitten shows were done. And we were not disappointed, he did just that. Attained his SGC in just 4 adult shows, two of which were only 1 day shows. He has been a great joy to show and he attained his second Regional Win in 2011 and a third in 2012. What an amazing boy we are lucky enough to share our lives with. Thank you to Diana Smith from Kanpur Bengals for this outstanding stud.

Magic Man's Gallery Pages Here


RW SGC Mystre Mojo Working

Our home grown show boy. Mojo is the #1 Bengal in South Central & #10 Shorthair Kitten of 2009-10. Attained Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) in 4 adult shows. In 2011 Mojo was awarded Best Bengal of the Year South Central, Best Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal of the Year in South Central, 7th Best Shorthair Cat of the Year South Central, 11th Best Cat of the Year, #14 Bengal Cat Internationally.

RW Supreme Grand Champion
Mystre Mojo Working

(all photos by our dear friend Helmi Flick)

Mojo's SGC Certificate

Sire: RW Quad Grand Champion Junglekatz Idolwurty of Mystre

Queen: Mystre's Marie Lavoe

HCM Tested Negative 2010/2011/2012

Mojo is our love and a very special boy. He was a last choice kitten as we let our pet buyers pick kittens first in that litter. He is a beautiful blend of our cats Maverick (Above) and his grandfather (Top). His head type is beautiful and very well proportioned. He has a big, and thick tail, small and nicely set ears and eyes, and a wonderful temperament.

Click here for RW SGC Mystre Mojo Workings Gallery Pages


See our cattery construction progress here. Exciting changes in our home for our cats. We try to always provide them with the best we can.

I am a regular author of humorous cat stories featured on feel free to visit their site or you can see some of the articles here as well.

Press Release- Bengal is most popular breed 2 years in a row

Derringer on a long drive

Just one of Derringer's very long drives. It’s very important to him that he knows where we're going I am sure he needs to work on his road rage though. He has a lot to say when were driving. This is one of his two spots. The other is up on the dashboard. Now I know, that this is not safe or a good idea. But I tried to explain that to Derringer and he shared with me his view, and I know to pick and choose my Bengal battles.. After very little effort he understood he wasn’t allowed on the floorboards if we're moving. Also, he will go into his carrier with just a simple word of request from us. This ... this is why we love Bengals. No other cat shares this level of intelligence and interactivity. Temperament is everything, and that is all in the pedigree. Not all Bengals are like this, this comes from knowledgeable breeding programs. Check references!


If so, please fill out an application on our Contact Us page.


There are people Mark personally mentored that may have kittens available. Call Keri for a referral at 903-267-9831.

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Bengal Information and History

Below are numerous stories that discuss more about the breed and its history and other information to help you better understand this unique breed.

Asian Leopard Cat - Texas Bengal Breeder, Houston Bengals, Bengal Cats(Asian Leopard Cat)


The Asian Leopard Cat - Bengal Cat BegninningsAsian Leopard Cat The Bengal Cat is unique amongst domestic cats, in that it is descended from crosses with the Asian Leopard Cat, a small wild spotted cat, weighing about ten pounds. The following is a peek at the wild heritage of the Bengal Cat. The general build of an Asian Leopard Cat (Felis bengalensis) is similar to a normal domestic cat (continued)

Bengal Introduction, Bengal Breeder TexasA Bengal Introduction The Bengal is a relatively new breed of cat which was first bred in the U.S.A and was originally created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat. The domestic Bengal derives its name from the Latin name of its wild ancestor, Felis Bengalensis (Asian Leopard Cat). Whilst the domestic Bengal is similar in appearance to the Asian Leopard cat, and its genetic makeup contains a contribution (continued)

Domestic Bengal Cat, Glittered Bengal, Rosetted Bengal Cats, Bengal Kittens The Bengal Personality The domestic Bengal cat (must be four generations or more removed from it's wild ancestor) are highly intelligent and affectionate cats. With their enchanting and strikingly beautiful wild appearance, They are really like having a tame piece of the wild in your own home, whilst still being so dependably sweet natured and delightfully loving. (continued)

Amazing Bengal Kittens, Texas Bengal Breeders, Bengal Kitten BreederThe Amazing Bengal For all the talk you hear about the amazing beauty of the Bengal cat, you could be forgiven for assuming that a Bengal possesses normal domestic cat behaviour, just with wonderful markings as well. However, ask a Bengal owner why they bought their second Bengal (as so often happens...) and you’ll find out the real reason why a Bengal cat is such a wonderful addition to many homes: It is that many Bengal cats (continued)

Breeding Bengal Cats, Bengal Kittens, Bengal Show CatsWild and Fierce? No way! Some people have assumed that ‘wild animals are fierce’, so any pet with wild blood must be more likely to be ‘fierce’. It is true that one of the differences between a domesticated animal and a wild one is its ability to interact happily with humans, though more often than not small wild cats are more likely to be scared of humans than to attack them. (continued)

Bengal Cat Standard, Bengal Breeding Program, Bengals, Breeding Bengals, Bengal Kitten for SaleBengal Cat Standard The goal of the Bengal breeding program is to create a domestic cat which has physical features distinctive to the small forest-dwelling wild cats, but with the loving, dependable, temperament of the domestic cat. Keeping this goal in mind, judges shall give special merit to those characteristics in the appearance of the Bengal which are distinct from those found in other domestic cat breeds (continued)


  A beautiful and touching tribute given by Anthony Hutcherson of Jungletrax Bengals upon Jean Mill's retirement in 2008. (She is the originator of the Bengal Breed). See pictures and video of Millwood and many of the Foundation Cats to the Bengal breed. See some of the first Bengals as well as the first Rosetted Bengals at the SBT (Domestic) level - Millwood Megabyte, Millwood Epitimee of Traipse and many many others


Short Animal Planet Video about the Bengal Cat.


Bengal Cat Texas, Bengal Kitten Texas, Bengal Breeder Texas Bengal Cat Breeder
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